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Sponsor a Community Agent

Community Agents

Greetings from the Sponsorship Department at Mission Possible! This is a slower time of the year for me, as our students are out of school and we have not yet received our new school year registration information. But we are excited about all the great things that will be happening when school starts in Haiti in less than two months and in August for the Dominican Republic.

One exciting thing for us this summer is the opportunity for our donors to sponsor our new Community Health Agents in Haiti. These are the MP staff who are being continually trained by our medical coordinator and other faithful medical professionals to help our Haitian nurse care for and treat our 2,000 students and other staff at the Mission Possible schools. These sponsorships are $100 monthly to cover the cost of the agents’ salaries and continuing education costs. If you would like more information about this new opportunity, please let me know, Kimberlie, or contact our medical coordinator Pam Macke, directly. To give a donation now to the Community Agent program, choose Medical Needs on the Giving page.

Kimberlie Todd, Student Sponsorship Coordinator

Servant Leaders

In January our Haitian leaders that graduated from our Leadership Academy started giving away their leadership to our other staff and students.

Leadership 1 520

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Good Choices Leadership

Good Choices 2 Good Choices 1

Since joining the Mission Possible staff, I have had the opportunity to travel to Haiti twice, and the Dominican Republic once. I was especially excited after my most recent trip to Haiti.

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