Hurricane Report

PRAISE THE LORD – and thank you for your prayers! We have heard from both of our Haitian and Dominican field leaders, and the areas where MP is on the Island of Hispaniola did well through Hurricane Irma. We don’t have a ton of details, but enough to say that our people are well and safe, and our facilities stood strong. We are grateful for our Haitian and Dominican staff that weathered the storm there and helped to prepare and protect the people in their communities.

Hancock County Fair!


For those of us living in the Findlay area, we know what the last week of August means: time for the Hancock County Fair! Just like in years past, Mission Possible has a booth set up in the merchant building. We invite you to stop by and see us! We will be giving out free samples of Haitian coffee, as well as selling t-shirts and bags of coffee! Thank you for your support of Mission Possible; we look forward to connecting with you this week at the fair!

Thank you!


I want to thank everyone who gave to our school supply drive this past month. About 10 suitcases (roughly 500 pounds) of school supplies came in. Tracy Rath is hard at work making up classroom kits for every teacher. Could you imagine your child’s school having to share a small amount of school supplies for the year? Me neither! However, that is the norm in almost all of the schools in Haiti. This is the first time that we have been able to put together a classroom kit for each teacher. This is an example of just another way we are trying to improve the quality of education in Haiti. Again, a huge shout out to all those people that sent in school supplies! The teachers are super excited and I am sure the kids will love having the use of markers, crayons, colored pencils, rulers, pencils, sharpeners and scissors! We are always amazed at the generosity of the Mission Possible family!

David Rath

I Could Never Do That!


Some can and some cannot, but there are some of you in the middle. In the middle of what? In the middle of thinking about serving on a mission team. From the middle, the easy answer is, “I could never do that.” Once said, life goes on and little changes. Those of you in the middle know, however, you are not quite settled with that answer.

After each mission team with Mission Possible returns, their daily blog is posted at our MP Teams History Blog. If you are in the middle, take a look. See what happens on a team. Read the reflections of the team members and how the mission comes to life. Realize the mission is not about you, but about God working through and in you.

How many stories in the Bible would have ended early if the person said, “I could never do that.” Don’t let your story with God end early.

— Trace Roth

Equipping Our Leaders

“Little children, let us not love in word or talk, but in deed and truth.” -1 John 3:18

Servant leaders love and care for their followers. They don’t throw their power around or harm the people under them. Instead, they lay down their lives, humbling themselves. They think the best of their followers and try to make them better, too. In Haiti and the Dominican Republic we are instilling this verse in our students and staff. We are equipping them to be servant leaders and to love each other with their actions.

Over the past five months we have had 60 adult leaders meet five times, 95 student leaders meet three times, and all of our Haitian students meet three times, to explore different leadership activities and topics. Our Leadership Academy graduates have also been gathering with the desire to continue building relationships and growing as leaders themselves. They are the ones giving their leadership away each month and are helping to equip the other students and staff in Haiti.

Without your gifts though, we wouldn’t be able to equip these future leaders. Just know that you are adding value to Mission Possible and making a huge difference for eternity in the lives of these Haitians and Dominicans.

Thank you for faithfully giving to God’s work!
(That was a quick update about leadership from Darren, our Leadership Coordinator.)

The Blessing Of Encouragement!

Encouragement comes from just the right place at just the right time. The last couple of weeks have been a blur for me. A vision trip to Haiti and the DR, a week of family vacation in southern Ohio and then a “short” drive across the country to visit our oldest son in Colorado. To cap it all off my wife, Tracy, was co-leading a mission team down in Haiti and the DR, so I was left to take care of the house and kids. I was feeling tired and drained and just in need of a nap or some time off when I received two phone calls.

The first was from one of our longtime supporter.

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Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here!

Last week, a team went to Haiti and the Dominican Republic to serve. On the last morning of the trip, those of us in Haiti took a “prayer walk” through our Degeance community. We stopped at our current school, at a well-known tree where voodoo ceremonies are often held, and finished at our new property. It was a Spirit-led walk, as we spent time singing worship songs together and praying over community members & children that we came across along the way.

When we arrived at the property where our new Degeance campus will be built, we spread out and walked around the land while praying. We prayed for funds to complete the project, for the students that will walk through the gate to receive an education, for the adults that are shepherding the students’ hearts, for the neighbors, and for God’s presence to saturate that place for generations to come. We welcomed the Holy Spirit and ended our time there by singing praise and worship to the One who holds the future of the Degeance property and community.

Now, we wait expecantly and full of anticipation to see how God will continue to move!

Sponsor a Community Agent

Community Agents

Greetings from the Sponsorship Department at Mission Possible! This is a slower time of the year for me, as our students are out of school and we have not yet received our new school year registration information. But we are excited about all the great things that will be happening when school starts in Haiti in less than two months and in August for the Dominican Republic.

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Mission Possible On Television!

Recently, a former team member reached out to us with the opportunity to put Mission Possible in the spotlight. Vanessa Lee, an Audiologist that traveled with MP to Haiti, made contact with a local news station and arranged for Mission Possible to talk during the noon edition of their news. Below, you can view the segment. Thank you, Vanessa, for your passion for Mission Possible and for arranging this awesome opportunity!

Link to our news interview!

Learning Creole!

The desire to be able to communicate with the Haitians is a common theme among team members that have traveled to Haiti. Our broken Creole, along with their broken English, makes it difficult to get to know each other’s hearts as deeply as we’d like. Now that Hachemy is working in our Findlay office, it seemed silly to not embrace this new opportunity to be taught Creole by someone who speaks it as their native language!

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