Learning Creole!

The desire to be able to communicate with the Haitians is a common theme among team members that have traveled to Haiti. Our broken Creole, along with their broken English, makes it difficult to get to know each other’s hearts as deeply as we’d like. Now that Hachemy is working in our Findlay office, it seemed silly to not embrace this new opportunity to be taught Creole by someone who speaks it as their native language!

Beginning last week, Hachemy has been teaching basic Creole classes to a group of people, some who have traveled with Mission Possible before and some who have not. The classes are held weekly and will continue for the majority of the summer. Not only is it a great way for Hachemy to connect with people here in Ohio and use his gift of teaching, but it raises money for his personal support as well. It’s a win-win! The members of the Creole classes are really enjoying learning (and laughing!) together as we take another step towards being able to build authentic relationships with our friends in Haiti! Stay tuned for details about when the next round of classes will begin!