Prayer Calendar

Week 1: Nov 1-7
• Pray for the medical mission team serving in Haiti this month providing the students with the medical exams and treatment as needed and as they meet with our community agents.
• Pray for our adult and student leaders in Haiti as they finish up the 2 year program.
• Pray for the volunteers needed to help with the processing of our students’ school photos in order to mail them promptly to their sponsors.

Week 2: Nov 8-14
• Pray for a good response to our Christmas fundraiser this month.
• Pray for Ricardo, one of our students at our school in Lanzac, Haiti, as he suffers from a broken arm. Pray we can get him the necessary medical attention.
• Pray for God’s financial goodness to the ministry as we come out of the summer giving patterns and look forward to year-end financial giving.

Week 3: Nov 15-21
• Good Choices Leadership training will be given to all the students the week of November 20. Pray for our leadership training team as they encourage and teach the students Biblical leadership principles and ideals.
• Pray for the Mission Possible church youth as they evangelize in their communities through small group Bible study and sharing.
• Thank God for the safe arrival of Jean Michel’s baby boy. Pray for the family as they adjust to having a baby in the home again.

Week 4: Nov 22-30
• Pray for the planning and collecting of books for our school classrooms.
• Pray for our Bible school students in Haiti as they finish up their semester and prepare for a big Bible quiz.
• Pray for the Mission Possible churches as they jointly participate in a year-end Bible study and Scripture emphasis.
• Pray for the family of one of our students who recently passed away.