Prayer Calendar

Week 1: April 1-7
• Pray for David Rath as he assumes his new role as President of Mission Possible. Pray for God’s peace and wisdom as he moves the ministry forward in equipping the next generation of Christ-centered leaders.
• Pray for more teams to sign up for the Bowling Scramble on April 7th. Pray the event will reconnect people with the vision of Mission Possible and raise more funds for the ministry.

Week 2: April 8-14
• We thank God for the hard work and great leadership of our previous President, Kurt Bishop, over the past 11 years. Pray God’s rich blessings up on him and his family.
• Pray our donors will be instrumental in spreading the news of the good things happening in Haiti and Dominican Republic.

Week 3: April 15-21
• Pray for churches to partner with us through VBS to help collect vitamins for our students in Haiti and Dominican Republic.
• We are thankful for the North American mission team that served in Dominican Republic last month. Pray for the message of Christ’s love that they shared with the students to resonate in their hearts and minds.

Week 4: April 22-30
• Pray more people will connect with the ministry through our student sponsorship program.
• Pray for the North American medical mission team heading to Haiti this month to further train our Community Health Agents and to follow up with our students’ end of the year checkups.