Prayer Calendar

Week 1: Jan 1-7
• Thank God for his faithful provision and for the development of more Christian leaders throughout 2017.
• Pray for our US staff as we continue to raise personal support.

Week 2: Jan 8-14
• Pray for the leadership program as we begin another 2 year session of classes.
• Pastor Joseph in Haiti is experiencing some health issues. Pray for God’s healing upon his body.

Week 3: Jan 15-21
• Pray for our mission team of teachers who will be holding a seminar for teachers in Haiti and restocking our school shelves with school supplies.
• Pray for Evans, who is on staff in Haiti, as he is fighting an illness.

Week 4: Jan 22-31
• Pray for God’s wisdom upon our leadership as they lead MP and make decisions for the ministry in 2018.
• Pray for our upcoming teams as they form and prepare for their trips. Pray for unity among the groups as they serve together.