Short-term Mission Teams

Mission Possible can provide your Mission Team with a rewarding overseas ministry experience.
Please contact Trace Roth at 419-422-3364 or to discuss your next short-term mission team.
For safety and security reasons, we do not publish specifics of our team schedules.

Upcoming 2017 Haiti Trips

  • April, August, and November: Medical

What does a team do? And which one is right for you?

With about 20 teams a year going to minister in Haiti or the Dominican Republic, each team has a specific purpose. Here are examples of what some teams have done and focused on in the past.

  • Construction Teams
  • Medical Teams and Women’s Health
  • Evangelism & Prayer Teams
  • Teacher Seminar Teams
  • Pastor Seminar Teams

Please be aware that these teams are not limited to people specifically in those fields or with those specific skills. When you feel called to go, know that you will be used to the fullest.

Here is a link to our Latest Team Blog.

Team Member Guide

Haiti Mission Team

DR Mission Team