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We finished the Leadership Academy training and graduated 28 of our leaders.

It was a special time to celebrate the graduates’ achievements and reward them with a diploma and class ring. I believe the graduates were proud of their moment and their friends and families seemed to appreciate the importance of the day. Now, we will continue their training through job coaching and leadership continuing education.

We visited most of our Haitian schools and noticed the schools seemed ready for school to start. Things were clean. The bathrooms looked good. The chalkboards had been rebuilt. The water filters were ready. The school principals met us and answered our questions.

We then crossed the border into the Dominican Republic. School had already started and the students were learning! We have always had discipline and order at our Ebenezer school in the D.R. and this visit showed the same. We attended a combined Spanish/Creole evening service at our newest church.

Kurt Bishop
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