Leadership Updates

Good Choices Leadership- In April and May, our students learned about servant leadership, personal safety, living Christ-centered, attention to details, and integrity. (Below)

Student Leadership- In March and May, selected students learned about fitness, team building, humility, sharing, servant leadership, self-defense, the importance of prayer, having a vision, and MP’s core values. They have also been working through the International Leadership Institute’s (ILI) workbook. (Below)

Adult Leadership- In March, many of our teachers and staff started working through the International Leadership Institute’s (ILI) workbook. (Below)

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— Darren Morrison, Leadership Coordinator

Evangelism Training

Equipping the next generation of Christ-centered leaders is the driving force behind everything we do here at Mission Possible. This mission starts with Christ. We want individuals who are living for Jesus to have the opportunities needed to become leaders, so they can then bring change to their country. Christ comes first in all we do. For the past month, Pastor Herve and some of our other Haitian leaders have trained others in evangelism. They equipped these individuals with the tools needed to share the life saving message of Jesus with others in their community. Then for 3 days all those who were trained went door to door telling others about Jesus, praying for individuals, and giving them an opportunity to accept Jesus in their lives. 85 people accepted Christ in those 3 days and 65 more rededicated their lives to God. What an amazing example of training, equipping and empowering others to bring change to those around them. But the process didn’t stop there. This week those leaders have already begun discipleship training with the 150 people who made some sort of decision last week.

We not only want people to accept Christ, but we want to teach them about who he is and how to live for him. This is an essential element in building up Christ-centered leaders, and how exciting it is to see our churches in action fulfilling this mission and the calling God has on all our lives!

— Tracy Rath