Host a Student Sponsorship Sunday

Your church can make a difference in Haiti and the DR by hosting a Student Sponsorship Sunday!  This is a unique opportunity for individuals in your church to learn about our ministry, and then be challenged to choose an individual student to sponsor. Mission Possible will provide all the resources to come share stories and encourage your church through our 3 ½ minute video and a 1 ½ minute talk (5 minutes total out of the service time) for the congregation.  All we need is the date, time, and a place in the lobby to share student profiles.  

Sponsorship is $35/month and is used to evangelize and disciple, educate, feed, equip, provide basic medical care and encourage the 2,600 students of Mission Possible’s eight schools. Student Sponsorship Sunday is a perfect way to encourage your congregation through missions while doing something significant for Haiti and the DR. 

Call the Mission Possible office at 419.422.3364 or Email us to schedule a Student Sponsorship Sunday. 

Three Easy Steps to Host a Student Sponsorship Sunday. 

1.     Talk with your church leadership to pick a date. 

2.     Call the Mission Possible office to confirm our availability. If we are unable to physically come to your church, we will provide you with everything needed to speak on our behalf.

3.     Start making a difference in Haiti and the DR.