We are SO EXCITED about our fourth annual world-wide fundraiser!

Thank you for participating in our Dash for Degeance fundraiser event! This event will last the entire month of October, with the money raised going towards our new Degeance church/school campus in Haiti! Your team captain will be receiving more information from Rene as to how to submit your steps or miles, etc.

This year we are going back to the basics in terms of recording steps: there won’t be any step stealing from other teams or spinning the spinner. What you have earned, you will keep.

One new addition to the Dash for Degeance is the option of biking! Cyclists will participate individually as opposed to on teams and will keep track of their miles. They will only compete against other cyclists. Walkers will still compete in teams of 4, will keep track of their steps and will only compete against other walkers.

Top teams/individuals will be posted weekly so you know who your competition is and feel motivated to keep moving towards the top of the leader board!

Please email Rene@OurMissionIsPossible.org with any questions. We are excited to have you participate in this fun event!

Click here to register for the Dash: Dash for Degeance or text MPDASH to 41444.