Resourcefulness is the skilled and prompt response to new or difficult situations. In Haiti and the Dominican Republic, we see examples of resourcefulness every day. People who have very little finding ways to build a house with items we would throw away or provide for their families by selling produce or making jewelry out of wrappers and shells. I am constantly amazed by their hard work ethic and support they provide for each other. When someone has a need, the people around them step up and help them deal with it. When a Mission Possible school needs more space, the church community gives what little they have, time and money, and adds classrooms. And when conflict arises in their country, they hold prayer meetings and continue to share the gospel of Jesus with those around reaching out to the ultimate Provider to bring them strength.

Your commitment to Mission Possible is a way for your resources to build up leaders amongst very resourceful individuals. Equipping the next generation of Christ-centered leaders will allow the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic to take their ingenuity and make a difference in their world. Mesi, gracias and thank you… in any language we appreciate you!

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