Because of your dedicated and faithful support, Mission Possible is excited to announce the expansion of its ministry to a part of Haiti where we have never worked before.

In November 2012, Mission Possible purchased a beautiful piece of property in the mountains of Haiti. Unlike our current locations, this mountainous region is green and lush, almost jungle-like. The property includes a school, a big beautiful church, a house for short-term teams, a radio station, tool shop, and numerous other buildings

Being extremely remote, the people are very poor, but are welcoming and pleased to have us there. Currently there are 322 students in the school getting a good education. The local leadership is solid and they are excited to be working with an established organization again.

The next months will be a stretch for us as we raise the support to make the facility repairs and improvements, pay the teachers, and educate the kids.

When funding permits we hope to initiate a feeding program for the students, we want to open a Bible School program to train Christian leaders, and we would love to see the abandoned radio station begin to preach God’s word again.

This expansion is a perfect fit with our vision of “Equipping the Next Generation of Christ-Centered Leaders”. There are so many young people in the area with a potential to change their community and nation.God has laid a great foundation of ministry at Deyemon and Mission Possible is committing our time and resources to further build on that foundation.