Easter Baskets for Haiti

This year as an Easter giving project, we are challenging you to fill buckets full of supplies that the medical teams use while serving in Haiti! This is a perfect project for churches, classes, Lifegroups, families, etc. Whether you fill one bucket or multiple, every supply is needed and appreciated!

The list of supplies for each bucket includes:

Medical Supplies Bucket:
— Selsun Blue shampoo
— Bacitracin (small packets)
— Peroxide (spray bottle)
— Band-Aids (medium & large)
— 4×4 gauze
— Lubricating eyedrops
— Alcohol finger wipes
— Money for medication, surgeries, and vitamins

General Supplies Bucket:
— Quart-size Ziplock Bags
— 2-Gallon Ziplock Bags
— Cotton Balls
— Medical Tape
— Small Fingernail Clippers
— Medical Gloves (Medium & Large)
— Ivory Soap
— Hotel soap, shampoo, and lotion (unused)
— White Thread
— Money for medication, surgeries, and vitamins

Buckets can be picked up at our Findlay office, or any five-gallon bucket will work!

To make bucket pick-up arrangements or if you have questions, email Pam@OurMissionIsPossible.org