Although the situation in Haiti is extremely difficult and uncertain right now, it has not stopped a Saint Marc church group from evangelizing to those who do not know Christ. A group of men and women from the church has been dedicated to spreading the Gospel both within their community and in two areas north of Saint Marc.

In March, someone in the evangelism group expressed the desire to visit the area he was originally from, named Balague, to do evangelism. The group traveled about an hour to that area and spent three days with the people. They preached the Gospel, performed skits, and prayed. At the end of the three days there were 63 people who accepted Christ.

Later, the group decided to travel to another area named Pinson. The evangelism program there was similar to the one in Balague and at the end of those three days there were 73 people who accepted Christ. The team from Saint Marc will continue doing discipleship with the new believers in both areas. At both locations, the new believers pooled their money together to build churches.

As they have in the past, the Saint Marc church spent seven days praying, fasting, and worshiping in preparation of the upcoming school year. Some people came to participate even though they were not believers or members of the church. By the end of those seven days, 150 of those new people came to the Lord and accepted Christ.

Regardless of how the enemy is trying to persecute the country of Haiti, the Holy Spirit is still moving and the body of Christ is still persistent in sharing the Gospel. Please continue to pray for both the evangelism team and those who have recently accepted Christ. The Haitians continue to face many hardships such as protests, violence, gasoline and food shortages, loss of businesses and the lack of government leadership. We are grateful for our leaders and church members who continue to be a light in the darkness.

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