An update and message from Pastor Jean Michel, who pastors the Saint Marc and Pinson churches and also is a member of the school board in Haiti:

“I greet you in the name of Jesus and I profit this moment to tell you the impact the Coronavirus and country lockdown has on our life in different aspects.

Personal life: Sometimes when I’m facing those situations it impacts my spiritual life and I don’t have a mindset to pray to God. I’m very concerned when I go out because I don’t know what’s gonna happen next, particularly when I‘m driving.

My family: The situation impacts the kids’ education and the kids know some new words like “country lockdown”, “pandemic”, and “epidemic”. We also have to spend more money to get basic things.

Ministry and work: As a pastor, this make us sad because we spend a bunch of time without seeing our church members to know how they are doing. We have to revise all the plans we have. This is the same for my job; we have to re-plan everything.

But now we have to focus in God’s Word. May God bless you.”

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