Our Mission is to “Equip the next generation of Christ-centered Leaders” in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We strive to reach this through Christ-centered education, training seminars, and intentional leadership programs.

As an organization striving to develop leaders, we often need to evaluate those accomplishments, and in 2013-2014, Mission Possible realized we had many leaders who were creating more problems than solutions. In January of 2014, we started a Leadership Academy with the goal of better equipping our key staff and leaders, so in turn, they could equip future leaders and have the skills needed to lead better. A key element in this training was to not only improve them with the head knowledge of leadership, but also help them see the importance of leadership from a heart perspective. We hoped for them to have a heart change where they did not look at their position as just a job, but rather as a calling and opportunity to serve others.

On September 5, 2015, we graduated our first 28 leaders from this academy. It was a special time of celebrating this important day with family and friends, but after it left us with the question, “what’s next?” Growing and learning never end, so we wanted to continue the leadership journey of these staff members, and also find ways for them to share what they had learned with others.

As an answer to this question, we stared several new programs with the following two goals in mind:
          1. Continue growth for our graduates as they gave away their leadership serving others.
          2. Teach the rest of our staff and students how to be a servant leader.

We continue to do this through what we call our “Summit Leadership” model:
          1). Good Choices
                  *Basics of leadership and core values.
                  *Specifically taught to all 3rd-13th graders.
                  *Student Leaders teach once a month.

          2). Student Leadership
                  *How to teach Good Choices, receive mentoring, & go through leadership material.
                  *Selected students that have displayed leadership in their schools, churches, & communities.
                  *Leadership Academy students teach and mentor monthly.

          3). Leadership Academy
                  *Go through different leadership challenges and material, and learning to mentor.
                  *Selected staff members that have shown the ability/desire to lead others & serve.
                  *Meet as needed with our Graduate Leaders.

          4). Graduate Leaders
                  *Continue to receive coaching, encouragement, & continuing education on leadership.
                  *Individuals that graduate from the Leadership Academy.
                  *Field Leader, School Board, & North American staff pour into them as needed.
                  *Given more responsibilities and opportunities.

          5). Field Leader & School Board
                  *Provide them with the support to do their jobs well & so they can continue to grow.
                  *Graduate standouts and proven faithful from the leadership academy.
                  *They help run and lead the ministry.

The goal is for individuals at each level to help those at a lower level climb to the next summit of leadership. By pouring their leadership into others, each person will continue to grow and reach even greater leadership heights.

If you would love to hear more about our leadership program and discuss ways you can be involved, email Darren@OurMissionIsPossible.org