The Reality

  • Only 50% of primary age children in Haiti are enrolled in school
  • One third of girls over the age of six never even go to school
  • School girls lose an average of 45 days of school every year due to a lack of feminine hygiene supplies

Safe Pregnancy, Delivery & Newborn Care

  • For every 100,000 births, 350 women die in Haiti
  • The infant mortality rate in Haiti is 52 deaths per 1,000 live births

STDs, AIDS & Abstinence Education

  • 5.4% of Haitians are infected with HIV/AIDs resulting in 7,100 deaths per year. Compare this rate to the .5% in the United States
  • Many Haitians believe that STDs and AIDS are contracted via sorcery and voodoo

General Medical Care

  • There is only one Physician for every 4,000 people

The Hope

Mission Possible believes the best way to help the poor is through education. Since the earthquake the program has included four consecutive weeks of training in these areas.

  1. Feminine Hygiene Education and Kits
  2. Obstetrics Training and Newborn Care
  3. Abstinence and STD Education
  4. Medical Clinic

Student Physicals

  • Yearly Physicals with treatment if needed
  • Worm Medication twice a year
  • Eye Exam
  • Vitamin Program

During the exams each student is loved in Jesus’ name. We know medical care is just an open door to present the true hope we each have in a personal relationship with Jesus.

Feminine Hygiene Education & Kits

  • Educating girls about menstrual cycles and proper body care
  • Providing the girls with Feminine Hygiene kits that have needed supplies for them to use during their monthly cycle
  • Kits enable girls to attend 45 more days of school every year. That is 45 more hot meals and 45 more days of dignity

Abstinence & STD Education

  • Educate teens about the danger of STDs
  • Focus on God’s intended purpose for sex in their lives
  • Committed students receive white “purity bracelet” to remind them and encourage them in their new lifestyle

Team Members returning to Haiti have seen teens wearing the white bracelets one year after training. When asked in following years, teens are able to tell other members what they learned previous years.

Obstetric Education & Newborn Care

  • Educating midwives and young women on safe deliveries, breastfeeding, CPR and newborn care
  • Teams provide training seminars and delivery/newborn kits

Mothers were throwing away colostrum instead of giving it to their babies. Team members were able to educate and dispel the myth that colostrum is bad because it is not white milk.

Community Agents

  • OB – 1 week at the three mountain schools
  • Providing Hygiene kits for the Community Agents to educate the students
  • Yearly Physical of all students with follow up as needed
  • Ongoing training for Community Agents

Mission Possible has seen a decrease in the number of women and girls who need treatment for urinary tract infections and yeast infections. We continue to treat them each year, but the education has helped lessen the number who need treatment. Our Community Agents monitor the health of the students to help keep attendance consistent.

How you can help

1. Pray! We want this ministry to be covered in prayer, for Jesus is the focus and reason for everything we do. Pray that God would provide for the needs of this ministry. Pray that He would receive the glory.
2. Donate money or supplies for feminine hygiene kits and/or OB kits, and to pay for medications to treat children. Contact us for a list of needed items.
3. Join a short-term mission team! God uses medical personnel, educators, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, and many others to make this ministry work. Perhaps He is calling you to come to Haiti with us!

Primary Contact

Belinda Ernst-