The Hope

    Mission Possible believes the best way to help the poor is through education. Our Community Health Agents have been trained to provide education to our students in the following areas:

    1. Feminine Hygiene Education and Kits
    2. Abstinence and STD Education
    3. Basic medical care / First-Aid

    Student Physicals

    Student Physicals were done when we were able to take teams. Those teams provided yearly Physicals with treatment if needed, eye exams, and hearing evaluations. During the exams, each student is loved in Jesus’ name. We know medical care is just an open door to present the true hope we each have in a personal relationship with Jesus.

    Feminine Hygiene Education & Kits

    Feminine Hygiene Education & Kits include educating girls about menstrual cycles and proper body care, as well as providing the girls with feminine hygiene kits that include supplies for them to use during their monthly cycle. These kits enable girls to attend an average of 45 more days of school per year. That is 45 more hot meals and 45 more days of dignity.

    Abstinence & STD Education

    Abstinence & STD education includes educating teens about the danger of STD’s and focusing on God’s intended purpose for sex in their lives.

    Community Agents

    Community Agents have completed a 2-year core curriculum. They are equipped to provide basic medical care & First Aid to students, distribute daily multivitamins and worm medicine twice per year, engage in ongoing training through our school nurse and ensure proper maintenance/functioning of Lifestraws and handwashing buckets.

    How you can help

    1. Pray! We want this ministry to be covered in prayer, for Jesus is the focus and reason for everything we do. Pray that God would provide for the needs of this ministry. Pray that He would receive the glory.
    2. Donate money or supplies for feminine hygiene kits and/or OB kits, and to pay for medications to treat children. Contact us for a list of needed items.
    3. Share with others about the medical ministry happening through Mission Possible.

    Haitian Medial Statistics

    Our Medical Supplies Wishlist is on Amazon

    The list of needed items is here.