Mission Possible believes the key to this change is through leadership development. When a local church disciples leaders, identifies needs in their community, and offers hope to those around, people thrive, grow, and feel empowered to make a difference. By developing Christ-centered leaders in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Mission Possible can be a conduit of change, and the cycle of dependency can be replaced with communities working together to impact the world around them. 

Mission Possible is a hand-up not a hand-out ministry.  Those who benefit from our programs are expected to invest in their own future. A hand-out can create a relationship of dependency and an unhealthy self-image, whereas someone who contributes to their own success will value what they have earned.

  • We DEVELOP individuals through education, leadership development, community support, church growth, and medical support led completely by Haitian and Dominican Staff.
  • We EMPOWER others with a Hands Up not a Hand Out approach to aid. When one has training and ownership in the development, leaders are made and change can occur.
  • We IMPACT communities through our churches meeting the needs around them.

Core Values

Our core values are integrated into everything we do. The five-core values Mission Possible abides by are: Christ-centeredness, Personality Integrity through Personal Responsibility, Loyalty, Human Dignity, and Equipping.

  • Christ-centeredness: Being Christ-centered means living according to the teachings of the Bible and as the words say putting Christ in the middle of everything.
  • Personal Integrity through Personal Responsibility: Personal Integrity is doing what is right all the time by fulfilling our obligations, not taking shortcuts, and working together towards a common goal.
  • Loyalty:  Loyalty is faithful adherence to a leader, cause, or commitment.
  • Human Dignity:  Human dignity is the recognition that human beings are created in the image and likeness of God and as such are worthy of respect simply because God created them.
  • Equipping:  Equipping is when we train and teach individuals, so they have the skills needed to impact and make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.