In October of 2012, a team from Gateway church in Findlay, Ohio traveled to Mission Possible’s largest school in Haiti to work on our newest addition. The MPCA School (Mission Possible Christian Academy) has about 1,100 students and was overflowing with kids. The new building was built by Haitian workers, but the team from Gateway built the steel roof trusses and installed most of the roof panels.

The new classrooms will provide additional space for 4th and 13th grade. In Haiti, 13th grade is the final grade of high school. Dave Rath, team leader, reported that while they worked, one boy was hanging around and asking how he could help. The boy spoke some English and said the team was working on his new classroom. The boy wanted to be in his new classroom so badly that he offered to come back after school and help if they could use him. It was the team’s privilege to help that young man have a roof over his head as he learned.

Thank you, Gateway, and those who made the sacrifice to complete the building for that boy and his classmates. Those kids will receive an education and hear the Gospel because of your efforts.