Prayer Calendar

Migel Charles is the pastor at MPCA church in Haiti.  He is also a part of Mission Possible’s school board helping make decisions for all our Haitian schools.  Pastor Migel has a passion for serving others and loves the people he is entrusted to serve.  Pray Pastor Migel uses wisdom as he helps make decisions for our schools and that he boldly leads his church.


Pray your sponsor student(s) to grow in knowledge and understanding, both academically and spiritually, this school year.


Please pray daily for our staff members.


  1. Chrismene Augustave, Cook at MPCA – Haiti
  2. Marie-Yvanna Cerius, Cook at MPCA – Haiti
  3. Gerald Dieudonne, Cook at MPCA – Haiti
  4. Quatorze Jeannot, Cook at MPCA – Haiti
  5. Premier Joseph, Cook at MPCA – Haiti
  6. Sterline Joseph, Cook at MPCA – Haiti
  7. Miala Louis, Cook at MPCA – Haiti
  8. Actionise Overti, Cook at MPCA – Haiti
  9. Marie Carmelita Presendieu, Cook at MPCA – Haiti
  10. Paulette Saint-Cyr, Cook at MPCA – Haiti
  11. Joany Saint-Georges, Cook at MPCA – Haiti
  12. Joseph Leonel Guerrier, MTS Director at MPCA Secondary – Haiti
  13. Pierre Acesse, Teacher at MPCA Secondary – Haiti
  14. Fils Achtown, Teacher at MPCA Secondary – Haiti
  15. Fleuridor Anius, Teacher at MPCA Secondary – Haiti

Other prayer needs:

  • Pray for our Teacher Training Team as they begin preparing for training this next year.
  • Pray for the Haitian government to work in the favor of its people.
  • Pray for wisdom for our MP USA board as they meet this month.
  • Pray for our Dash for Degeance fundraiser next month to raise funds for the construction of our school in Degeance, Haiti.