Pierre Molaisse is the principal at Dupin. He is married, has 4 kids and lives in the Chardene area. Pierre has been the principal at Dupin since 2012. He has been excited about the medical care of our students and the leadership growth of Mission Possible. Please pray for those he leads and their   families. Also be praying for his school as they continue to add more grades and need more space.


Pray for your sponsor student(s) as he/she is getting back into the routine of school. Pray for his/her focus and commitment to work hard and have fun.

Other prayer needs:

  • Pray our 40th Anniversary celebration on the 21st of this month will reconnect and excite others about what God is doing through MP.
  • Pray for our board as they meet this month and make decisions for the future of the ministry.
  • Pray for our teachers and leaders of our schools as they help get the students back into the routine of school.

Please pray daily for our staff members.


  1. Promene Larose, Cook at Dupin – Haiti
  2. Mme Charitable Ouverture, Cook at Dupin – Haiti
  3. Odna Prosper Saint-Jean, Cook at Dupin – Haiti
  4. Pierre Nelson Elis, Teacher at Lahatte – Haiti
  5. Marie Jesula Ferdiand, Teacher at Lahatte – Haiti
  6. Marilene Innocent, Teacher at Lahatte – Haiti
  7. Louimene Joseph, Teacher at Lahatte – Haiti
  8. Guivelore Leonce, Teacher at Lahatte – Haiti
  9. Eddy Volcy, Teacher at Lahatte – Haiti
  10. Louivil Israel, Securty/Grounds at Lahatte – Haiti
  11. Petit-Homme Magalie, Cook at Lahatte – Haiti
  12. Gueline Charles, Director at Lanzac – Haiti
  13. MAGDALA BIEN AIME, Teacher at Lanzac – Haiti
  14. Remy Jacquelin, Teacher at Lanzac – Haiti
  15. NACIKA JOSEPH, Teacher at Lanzac – Haiti