Mission Possible has 10 schools: nine in Haiti and one in the Dominican Republic. Each school is unique in its own way and is a safe place for students to get a Christ-centered education.

Facts about Education in Haiti

Low Enrollment – Primary school enrollment is roughly 85 %. Unfortunately, the average Haitian age 25 or older has less than five years of schooling. 

Poor Literacy rates – Only about 75 % of children at the end of 1st grade can read, and only 50% can read by the end of 2nd grade. Only 61% of the adult population is literate.

Many communities have limited access to schools making it more difficult to commit to continual education.

Facts about Education in The Dominican Republic

Free Public education is available, but most classrooms are overcrowded and about 40% of students drop out before 8th grade.

The Dominican Republic had a relatively high literacy rate, but most students only read at a 6th-grade reading level at the time of graduation. 


Mission Possible Provides:

Excellent education for Primary and Secondary Students – We have 10 schools (9 in Haiti and 1 in the Dominican Republic).

After School Programs – Our churches in the Dominican Republic run after school programs where students get help with schoolwork and learn more about Jesus.

Teacher School – a 3-year accredited program that allows our teachers in Haiti to sit for the National Teacher Exam.

Educational Seminars for Teachers – We hold teacher seminars throughout the year which provide new and innovative teaching techniques to our teachers.