Doctor. Seamstress. Engineer. Pastor. Farmer. Translator. Entrepreneur. Teacher. Driver. President.

These are some of the answers that we heard when we asked students what they dreamed of being someday. Although Haiti is an extremely difficult country to thrive in, kids in Haiti and kids in America are quite similar in the way they dream about their future.

In a country whose government seems to be working against them in many ways, our students find hope within our schools. Not only do we provide education, we provide the true source of hope: Jesus. Our students are reminded of Who can truly change their country and lead them toward a successful future.

When you sponsor a student, you are helping provide the students with this type of hope. You are helping put food in their bellies each day, enabling our teachers to keep investing in their students, and joining in the efforts of spreading the Gospel through our church evangelism programs.

Sponsoring a student is more than just paying $35/month and writing a letter every now and then. It’s part of being part of something big; it makes an impact in 2,000+ lives every single day. Personally writing to your sponsored student to encourage them is just icing on the cake.

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