For $35 a month, you can give a student hope and possibilities.
For more information or with questions regarding sponsorship please email Hachemy Gabriel, at Hachemy@OurMissionIsPossible.org.

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Britney Saintamant
Born: 9-February-2005
Lives in Haiti.
School: MPCA
Grade: 4th

Magela Noel
Born: 03-January-2006
Lives in Haiti.
School: Dupin
Grade: 3rd

Voltaire Monfils
Born: 26-August-2003
Lives in Haiti.
School: St. Marc
Grade: 4th

Ermose Laine
Born: 13-February-2003
Lives in Haiti.
School: Chardene
Grade: 8th

Kenson Cineus
Born: unknown date
Lives in Haiti.
School: Dupin
Grade: 1st

Ednerline Charles
Born: 19-December-2008
Lives in Haiti.
School: LaHatte
Grade: 2nd