For $35 a month, you can give a student hope and possibilities.
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Densley Charles
Born: 28-Aug-2015
Lives in Haiti.
School: Lanzac
Grade: Preschool 2
Student ID: MPH001169

Enido Jean-Louis
Born: 18-May-2011
Lives in Haiti.
School: MPCA
Grade: 3rd
Student ID: CHR8284

Loransia Simeus
Born: 11-Aug-2012
Lives in Haiti.
School: Dupin
Grade: 2nd
Student ID: MPH000183

Lovenica Louiscar
Born: 14-May-2012
Lives in Haiti.
School: St Marc
Grade: 1st
Student ID: SMT0571

Sadora Auguste
Born: 30-Nov-2009
Lives in Haiti.
School: MPCA
Grade: 5th
Student ID: MPH000038

Claudelson Duvert
Born: 02-Feb-2006
Lives in Haiti.
School: MPCA
Grade: 6th
Student ID: MTC0182