It’s always fun to look back and see how God was at work throughout the year. Please enjoy this video recap of Mission Possible in 2017!

As we move forward into 2017, we can’t help but look back on God’s faithfulness to this ministry in 2016. Please join us in celebrating what God is doing as you watch this 2016 Year in Review video clip!

As we enter 2017, we can’t help but look back and see God’s faithfulness throughout 2016. Our hope is that you will see beyond these numbers and celebrate His faithfulness to this ministry!

-2,217 students attended our schools
-Over 790,000 meals were made for our students
-7,000 hygiene kits were prepared and distributed
-Over 200 adults were faithful Mission Possible employees
-218 people traveled with us to either Haiti and/or the Dominican Republic
-127 people began sponsoring students
-Nearly 2,500 Bibles were distributed
-The construction at our new Degeance Haiti property began, and the construction of our new office here in Findlay Ohio was completed.

In the midst of everything, we continued to press on toward the goal of equipping the next generation of Christ-centered leaders every day. Thank you to the thousands of people who partnered with us in 2016. We look forward to seeing what God has in store in 2017!

Kurt Bishop, President

Good Choices 2 Good Choices 1

Since joining the Mission Possible staff, I have had the opportunity to travel to Haiti twice, and the Dominican Republic once. I was especially excited after my most recent trip to Haiti.

In September, we had a group of 28 Haitians graduate from our “Leadership Academy”, a 2-year long program designed to train our leaders spiritually, physically, and intellectually. We have now begun doing “Good Choices Leadership Days” with the students at our schools. I was able to witness some of our Leadership Academy graduates lead our students in this program. It was so neat to see these leaders getting sweaty and dirty with the students, and leading by example. They didn’t just give out orders and instructions. They jumped right in and cheered the kids on during their relay races, were on their hands and knees teaching them how to do push-ups, patiently demonstrated how to do jumping-jacks (which, admittedly, was hilarious to watch) and showed them what it meant to have good sportsmanship.

I think that seeing these leaders rise up into the position that God has called them into, and seeing the trickle-down-effect that it has on our students, paints a great picture of why our “Hand Up”, not “Hand Out”, philosophy is so important. When I first got involved with Mission Possible a few years ago, I didn’t totally understand that philosophy. Now I see the benefit of teaching and equipping the people, as opposed to just handing out quick-fix type “help”.

Rene Inniger, February, 2016

Announcement – November 4, 2015: Mission Possible has entered into an agreement with Torch Worship Center to transition the Deyemon property, school, and church to their ownership and management as of January 1, 2016.

We have expanded to Deyemon.

The Bustins, missionaries who started the work at Deyemon, had done a good job building the ministry, but due to unfortunate circumstances, had to leave the island. They contacted Mission Possible which purchased the Deyemon property in 2012 in an effort to save the school and church ministries which were drifting without sufficient support. Since then, Mission Possible has fully supported the school, the church, the staff, and Pastor Wilfrid (a recent graduate of our Leadership Academy). Through Mission Team members, we have done extensive work on the property’s buildings and really improved the facilities.

In our three years of funding and management, we believe we have been an effective partner for the people of Deyemon. And, the beautiful property in the mountains was a sanctuary area for some of our staff during some times of heightened threats they experienced at our main operations base in Montrouis.

Mission Possible was recently approached by Torch Worship Center (Demorest, Georgia) about the possibility of using our Deyemon facilities to further their vision and work at Deyemon. They have been working in the area for some time. Recently they partnered with Deyemon pastors to plant 3 churches (with 9 to go), they have started a school nearby ours, and they have strong interest in micro-enterprise, providing water, re-starting the radio ministry, orphanages, and building 100 houses for the people. They also want to start up the feeding program which Mission Possible has not had the funding to do. Torch has been taking medical teams to Deyemon and using our facilities for housing and providing the clinics. Through their denomination they have access to a nursing school and seminary in Port au Prince for ongoing support. Their Lead Pastor and Outreach Pastor have been going to Haiti for years. Clearly, the Torch leaders have a big heart for the area.

We took a trip to meet with the Torch leaders at their church in Georgia, and came away with a strong sense they have a good structure to support and fund the work in Deyemon. We have a good comfort level with Torch’s financial plan, strategic plan for the area, key people they plan to use on the ground, vision for the school, support for the teachers and staff, and the sustainability of their plan. They have a good grasp of what it takes to work in Haiti. In truth, we have no red flags whatsoever.

While Mission Possible has had a good experience at Deyemon and fully planned to continue working there, it became clear the Torch organization has the ability and vision to make a bigger impact in Deyemon than Mission Possible.

The Mission Possible U.S. and Canada Boards, after considering the best thing for the ministry in Deyemon and the people affected, voted unanimously to transition the ownership and control of the Deyemon property and ministry to Torch Worship Center as of January 1, 2016.

We believe we have served as an effective bridge from 2012 to 2016. Our involvement has saved the ministry and the continuing education of those precious kids. The work our teams have done on the property will continue to benefit the people of Deyemon for a long, long time. We thank God for the opportunity and privilege of serving there.

Some may wonder if this was about money. It was not. Mission Possible has budgeted for ongoing support well into the future. When it became clear that transitioning to Torch was the best option for all concerned, we sold the property for the same price we paid in 2012, without a gain or loss.

We thank those who have gone with us on this journey over the last several years at Deyemon. It has been a productive adventure for everyone involved. For those who came to Mission Possible because of your prior involvement with Deyemon, we encourage you to continue on with Mission Possible as God leads you. Nothing else in our structure, our other eight schools, churches, leadership program, Bible School, or other programs is changing because of the Deyemon transition.

At the same time, if your heart is connected specifically with Deyemon, we understand if you are inclined to explore a relationship with Torch Worship Center and would encourage you to partner with them also. Their website is and the contact person is Pastor Mike Thomas.

School has started in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This year we are focusing on improving the educational experience of our students:

Our school principals understand the importance of consistent discipline. We have trained people to ensure there is clean filtered water available for every student at school.

This year we are extending age-appropriate leadership training to all of our students at all primary and secondary schools.

We have started job coaching and leadership continuing education for the 28 graduates of the Leadership Academy. These are the principals, administrators, and pastors who run our schools and churches.

And, we continue to provide healthy school lunches, Christian discipleship, and solid academic instruction for our students.

Kurt Bishop, President
October, 2015

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We finished the Leadership Academy training and graduated 28 of our leaders September 5, 2015.

It was a special time to celebrate the graduates’ achievements and reward them with a diploma and class ring. I believe the graduates were proud of their moment and their friends and families seemed to appreciate the importance of the day. Now, we will continue their training through job coaching and leadership continuing education.

We visited most of our Haitian schools and noticed the schools seemed ready for school to start. Things were clean. The bathrooms looked good. The chalkboards had been rebuilt. The water filters were ready. The school principals met us and answered our questions.

We then crossed the border into the Dominican Republic. School had already started and the students were learning! We have always had discipline and order at our Ebenezer school in the D.R. and this visit showed the same. We attended a combined Spanish/Creole evening service at our newest church.

Kurt Bishop

Teachers and VBS

A combined team of educators and students brought seminars to our area teachers and VBS to our school communities.
Follow this link to read their team blog.

MP Teams Blog

Bluffton and SC Team - web

Student teams from Bluffton University and Presbyterian College returned from Haiti at the end of May.
Follow this link to read their team blog.

May 2015 Blog

You may be aware over the last year of Mission Possible’s Leadership Academy in Haiti.

In April three of us from the U.S. Staff (Trace Roth, Darren Morrison, and myself) as well as our Haitian Field Leader Herve Pierre and our Dominican Field Leader Moise Sam conducted our sixth week of training with Mission Possible’s adult leaders (mostly school administrators and principals, pastors, discipleship staff, translators, and our school nurse).

There were some outstanding moments as well as some challenges. As with everything in Haiti, it was two steps forward one step back. However, we are committed to this process that we believe is refining and training our senior leaders. John Maxwell has written that everything rises and falls on leadership. That is true in any culture!

The Leadership Academy is an expensive process in terms of time and resources. However, like any investment, we are planting seeds in order to reap a harvest when the time is right. Our schools and churches will be improved through improved leaders.

We continue to ask for your prayers for good leaders in Haiti.

May, 2015

The Matching Challenge (December 2014 through January 2015) was a big success. Overall it raised $74,137.44 for our schools.

That will go a long way in keeping schools open and feeding students! We praise God for your response to the challenge. One hundred and eleven people and organizations gave. The smallest contribution was $10 and the largest was $20,000. Every single one helps and makes a difference.

I pray 2015 will be a great year for you and you will look back and see how the Lord has worked in your life. We are praying the same for Mission Possible.

Yours and His,

Kurt Bishop
February, 2015

Could it really be the year 2015 already? If you are like me, it takes you a few months to get used to writing “2015” instead of “2014”. It’s a change.

One of Mission Possible’s changes is our new Haiti School Board which we created in 2014 to give oversight to our eight schools in Haiti. The Board is made up of our pastors and a few trustworthy people in our educational structure.

Each January gives us an opportunity to make new year resolutions such as getting back in shape, eating healthier, or saving some money. It’s a chance to start over and do things better than before. We are excited about 2015 because we believe recent changes at Mission Possible will transform our leaders and the way they approach leadership, ministry, and accountability. Please pray with us for God to make that happen.

Yours and His,
Kurt Bishop
January, 2015

Every time we communicate with you we try to reinforce our belief that leadership training is the best way to make a lasting impact in Haiti. Well-intentioned handouts provide temporary relief, but also create other regrettable issues. When the men and women of Haiti resolve to fix the country’s problems, we will see real change. Mission Possible is training and equipping those leaders through our primary and secondary schools, Teacher College, Nursing School, Leadership Academy, and Bible School.

This year we have raised expectations for our Mission Possible leaders in Haiti. We have also tightened our standards at our schools in the areas of attendance, class size, cleanliness, academics, and discipline. We have asked the parents to reinforce the higher standards. Not all the students and parents are “on board” with these changes and because of that, our enrollment will be down a little this year (final enrollment numbers are being finalized). However, we are already seeing a positive impact on the learning environment at our schools.

December, 2014

The following report comes from Pam Macke who led several medical teams to Haiti.

“We met Elson at Mission Possible’s Degeance school in February. He had fallen out of a tree and broken his leg three months before.”

“The stitches from leg surgery at a Haitian clinic had been left in the entire time. To continue healing, Elson’s leg needed further medical attention. His mother could not take him back to the clinic because she did not have the money. We were able to provide the needed attention. Elson’s medical situation also brought awareness for the need to educate our Haitian leaders on how to provide basic first-aid care to the students in their communities.

“We may sometimes ask ourselves, ‘Are we really making a difference?’ Elson would say, ‘yes!’ Today he is freely walking without his crutches!”

Thank you for being a part of Elson’s life. He is pictured here.


Kurt Bishop, President
August, 2014


You may be aware that teacher training is somewhat rare in Haiti. To legally teach in elementary school (up to 6th grade), a teacher does not need to have graduated from high school. A high school teacher needs only a high school diploma (but no teacher training). Although many teachers have some formal teacher training beyond high school, it would be rare to encounter a teacher that has a 4-year college degree.

It’s safe to say the Haitian standards are very different compared to North American norms.

This month (July) Mission Possible is hosting another Teacher Seminar at our largest school in Haiti. We expect over 200 teachers to attend. Those include the Mission Possible teachers, other private school teachers, as well as government teachers.

Our Teacher Seminars are taught by North American teaching professionals and provide annual training to the Haitian teachers. This year we will also have courses taught by officials from Haiti’s Department of Education. It’s a perfect fit with our philosophy of training national leaders — we use nationals to do the training whenever possible.

This is all to increase the professionalism of our teachers and better educate our students.

I’m glad you are part of what we’re doing and I thank you for your support.

Kurt Bishop, President
July, 2014

This month, our 3,000 students in Haiti and the Dominican Republic will complete another school year. Most will pass along to the next grade. Unfortunately, many will not pass.

Education is not a priority in Haiti to a large percentage of the people. In fact, HALF the children do not go to school. Because of the cultural impact, lack of support from family, lack of resources, and a host of other reasons, many of our students will need to repeat the grade. If students have a good attitude and we can see they are trying, we will give them a chance to re-take the grade next year.

Education is a good thing, and it’s important. It leads to opportunities and improvement. It has earthly value. We are proud to provide education and we are working hard to continually improve our programs.

What really makes my heart glad is knowing that each student hears the gospel at school and participates in weekly chapel programs and Bible education curriculum. Those lessons have eternal value.

Thank you for helping us provide benefits that have value now and forever.

Kurt Bishop, President
June, 2014

As a ministry deeply embedded in Haiti, we are naturally affected by the culture. Every culture has its problems.

Every person in every culture on the planet is tempted by sin and the fallen world. Haiti is no different. At times we struggle to recruit and retain the right people for dozens of leadership positions — people who are in ministry for the right reasons and will lead with honor and integrity.

Recently we held the second week of our Leadership Academy. Over forty of our current leaders spent the week learning discipline, leadership principles, and increasing their unity and teamwork. Beyond the leadership training and physical demands, we visited each school as an academy class to put on a leadership demonstration to inspire the students and instill a sense of pride and a higher calling. We also performed a checklist inspection of each school to ensure high standards are being

We hope this multi-year Leadership Academy will help further refine our leaders and identify those who are here for the right reasons.

Kurt Bishop, President
May 27, 2014

Over the past four years I have spent 14 weeks in Haiti with Mission Possible teams. Each year I am amazed by the work that is accomplished. Just like the five loaves and two fish that Jesus multiplied and fed the 5,000 (Luke 3:9), He multiplies our efforts, energy, skills, money, and time…

It is a privilege to be part of it all. God just asks us to offer what we have. In the process He refines and changes us. I’ve learned to rely on Him, trust His way, and to see through His eyes.

The people of Haiti need to know their Heavenly Father. Just like our neighbors here at home. These mission trips have taught me that my heart should break for what breaks His. Each trip He reveals a little more of His heart to me.

– Heather Hochstettler (pictured below)


March, 2014, we held our semi-annual Board meeting. I continue to be impressed by the men and women who give leadership to this ministry and their desire to see things continue to move forward.

Each Board member gives sacrificially in different ways as he or she is able. I believe we all left the meeting with a sense of expectancy of what God is doing and will continue to do through Mission Possible in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Some of us give our time, some give our treasure, some offer our prayers. Together, God is doing good things through us. To Him be the glory!

Yours and His,
Kurt Bishop, President

Be encouraged by this report from Tracy Rath, Mission Possible staff member:

At Mission Possible we want to “Equip the Next Generation of Christ Centered Leaders.” Our schools in Haiti are some of the best in the area, but we want to strive for excellence and make them even better.

In Colossians 3:23 it says “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” This verse is one we want to instill in our own lives, the lives of our staff, and the lives of our students.

We have created a School Initiative team that consists of educators from North American schools and universities in order to take our Haitian schools to the next level. Recently a team was able to go to Haiti and observe our schools, meet with administrators and discover ways we can be a resource and develop standards to make our schools even better. The picture below is of this team heading to one of our schools.

Please pray for this school initiative project. This process has just begun and will continue so that we can truly raise up Christian leaders that will make a difference in their nation. Thank you so much for your partnership in this ministry. Together we are making a difference.

Yours and His,
Kurt Bishop, President

teachers group

A great article was recently written about a sports trip to the Dominican Republic in June of 2013.
Check it out – OHSAA 2013 DR Sports Camp Article.


Because of your dedicated and faithful support, Mission Possible is excited to announce the expansion of its ministry to a part of Haiti where we have never worked before.

In November 2012, Mission Possible purchased a beautiful piece of property in the mountains of Haiti. Unlike our current locations, this mountainous region is green and lush, almost jungle-like. The property includes a school, a big beautiful church, a house for short-term teams, a radio station, tool shop, and numerous other buildings

Being extremely remote, the people are very poor, but are welcoming and pleased to have us there. Currently there are 322 students in the school getting a good education. The local leadership is solid and they are excited to be working with an established organization again.

The next months will be a stretch for us as we raise the support to make the facility repairs and improvements, pay the teachers, and educate the kids.

When funding permits we hope to initiate a feeding program for the students, we want to open a Bible School program to train Christian leaders, and we would love to see the abandoned radio station begin to preach God’s word again.

This expansion is a perfect fit with our vision of “Equipping the Next Generation of Christ-Centered Leaders”. There are so many young people in the area with a potential to change their community and nation.God has laid a great foundation of ministry at Deyemon and Mission Possible is committing our time and resources to further build on that foundation

In October, 2012, a team from Gateway church in Findlay, Ohio traveled to Mission Possible’s largest school in Haiti to work on our newest addition. The MPCA School (Mission Possible Christian Academy) has about 1,100 students and was overflowing with kids. The new building was built by Haitian workers, but the team from Gateway built the steel roof trusses and installed most of the roof panels.

The new classrooms will provide additional space for 4th and 13th grade. In Haiti, 13th grade is the final grade of high school. Dave Rath, team leader, reported that while they worked, one boy was hanging around and asking how he could help. The boy spoke some English and said the team was working on his new classroom. The boy wanted to be in his new classroom so badly that he offered to come back after school and help if they could use him. It was the team’s privilege to help that young man have a roof over his head as he learned.

Thank you, Gateway, and those who made the sacrifice to complete the building for that boy and his classmates. Those kids will receive an education and hear the Gospel because of your efforts.