Often we get the question, “Why do you take people on mission trips? Wouldn’t it be more efficient and save on plane tickets to just send the money to Haiti?” Mission Possible takes many people to Haiti and the Dominican Republic because we know it makes a special difference to the Haitians — people have come so far at great expense to tell them something important. It also makes a profound impact on the lives of team members. This account comes from Abbey, a recent high school graduate:

Abby with Kids

“I’ve learned that when we are truly serving Jesus, it often won’t make much sense to the rest of the world. Does it make sense that a group of young adults would give up a week of their summer to come to Haiti, willingly, in order to work? Does it make sense that young kids will let a stranger pick them up, or will sing and dance with no limitations together? Furthermore, does it make sense that when I expected
to be serving God beyond the point of exhaustion, I actually feel more alive for God, and exceptionally loved by Him this week? He provides for us; He loves us; He delights in our hearts. The idea of taking a missions trip, and coming home feeling like you received more from God than you were able to give to Him, is not something you’d expect. Glory to God, because without Him, I would not have been able to stand in the middle of the forest, on the top of a mountain, holding the same little boy I met months ago, spreading the love of Jesus!”

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