Friends of Mission Possible, 

This has been a trying time for all of us.  The COVID-19 virus has taken the world hostage and has disrupted our normal life.  I want to write to you and give you an update about Mission Possible’s ministry in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  

In the Dominican Republic Ebenezer School has closed, but teachers are using “Whatsapp” to keep learning going and the school staff packed meals for all the students to eat this week at home.  Churches will be cancelled until the state of emergency is over, but Pastor Moise and the other Pastors have sent family bible studies home with all the church members.  Moise encouraged all of the students and church members to follow the national guidelines, wash their hands, not to gather in groups and practice social distance – which is extremely hard in their culture.  

In Haiti, all 11 of our churches and all 7 of our schools are closed until the state of emergency is over.  Pastor Herve bought food when he got back to Haiti last week and said that the school has plenty of food and supplies to pass out to students.  He is coming up with a plan to spiritually encourage people during this time.  

Our response to our friends in Haiti and the DR is two fold; to continue to pay their salaries through this time and to pray for them.  The first is monetary as they need to provide for their families, and the second is spiritual.  Every Wednesday at 12 noon our staff here and in Haiti and the DR will be praying. Would you like to join us?  There is a prayer guide on our website ( along with a 10 minute video of the sights and sounds of the mission center in Haiti.  

I will communicate more as I know more.  Our staff, who are working at home, will be diligent to update social media and websites with useful information as it develops.  Thank you for your continued support through this pandemic and together we will come through this stronger!


David Rath

If you have any questions, please call my cell phone at 419.957.3269 or email me at and I will either answer it or forward it to the right person.    

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