50 pounds of rice. What does that mean in Haiti? If each student receives ½ cup of uncooked rice per day in their hot, nutritious meal, along with some beans and meat, and each cup weighs 7 oz, then how many meals does that 50-pound bag provide? Ok, I am not a math guy, nor am I smarter than a 5th grader, but if I did my math correctly (and if I didn’t please correct me), then converting the 50# of rice (50 x 16 oz = 800oz) into ounces, 800 oz divided by 3.5 oz (the weight of 1/2 cup of rice) equals 228 meals. To break it down: one $25 bag of rice can provide 228 meals. Wow!

As of today, Friday February 16, we have raised $1,757.00! That is equal to 70.25 bags of rice, or 16,023 meals, for our students — roughly 8 full school days! Thank you for all who have given to the “Fill-up February” fundraiser. We are continuing to collect donations through the end of February. You can either text “Possible” to 91999, click the “Donate” button at the top of our Facebook page, or click the “Donate” button here on our website if you want to participate! We thank you, and our students and staff in Haiti thank you, for giving!

Due to all of this math, my head hurts and I need a nap!

— David

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