I serve with Mission Possible because it is a Christian organization that spreads love and the message of Christ Jesus to the communities in Haiti. They shine light into the darkness. They emphasize giving a ‘hand up’ not a ‘hand out’. They teach the people how to live a fruitful life and take care of all that God has given them.    

   I have traveled to Haiti six times and love the people that I met there. They are hard working, faithful and very friendly. I always looked forward to the mornings with them. Before we would leave for our daily assignments, everyone gathered together in a circle to sing songs and pray together. Sometimes the pastors prayed for the day and sometimes we prayed individually at the same time. It sounded confusing but it felt very special. 

    I thought I would go to Haiti to help the people build a better life. I wanted them to experience God’s love through our actions. I didn’t know that I would be changed and would love going there. It felt rewarding to know that I was helping them in a small way and my faith and understanding of them increased with every visit. The Christians in Haiti have great joy in their hearts and a great love for God. They focus on God and enthusiastically worship Him. Their faith is amazing! They spend hours at church to worship, to pray, and to learn more about Jesus. I pray that my faith continues to grow as large as theirs and I am as focused on Jesus as they are. They need and depend on God to provide for them and for His comfort and hope in their lives. He is their only hope.       

    I also believe the leadership development program that Mission Possible has established is a great investment. They train the staff, teachers, and pastors to be strong Christian leaders. Their mission is to equip the next generation of Christ-centered leaders, encouraging them to share the Gospel with other people. What a great foresight because now those leaders can move forward with confidence to accomplish their goals even when the MP staff is unable to be there in person to guide them along. One of my prayers for Haiti is that Christian leaders will rise up together and govern their country.

— Bev

(To be continued…)

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