Equipping the Next Generation of Christ-centered Leaders

A Letter from the President July ’14

You may be aware that teacher training is somewhat rare in Haiti.  To
legally teach in elementary school (up to 6th grade), a teacher does not
need to have graduated from high school.  A high school teacher needs only
a high school diploma (but no teacher training).  Although many teachers
have some formal teacher training beyond high school, it would be rare to
encounter a teacher that has a 4-year college degree.  It’s safe to say
the Haitian standards are very different compared to North American norms.

This month (July) Mission Possible is hosting another Teacher Seminar at
our largest school in Haiti.  We expect over 200 teachers to attend.
Those include the Mission Possible teachers, other private school
teachers, as well as government teachers.

Our Teacher Seminars are taught by North American teaching professionals
and provide annual training to the Haitian teachers.  This year we will
also have courses taught by officials from Haiti’s Department of
Education.  It’s a perfect fit with our philosophy of training national
leaders — we use nationals to do the training whenever possible.

This is all to increase the professionalism of our teachers and better
educate our students.

I’m glad you are part of what we’re doing and I thank you for your support.

Kurt Bishop, President

A Letter from the President – June ’14

This month, our 3,000 students in Haiti and the Dominican Republic will complete another school year.  Most will pass along to the next grade.  Unfortunately, many will not pass.

Education is not a priority in Haiti to a large percentage of the people.  In fact, HALF the children do not go to school.  Because of the cultural impact, lack of support from family, lack of resources, and a host of other reasons, many of our students will need to repeat the grade.  If students have a good attitude and we can see they are trying, we will give them a chance to re-take the grade next year.

Education is a good thing, and it’s important.  It leads to opportunities and improvement.  It has earthly value.  We are proud to provide education and we are working hard to continually improve our programs.

What really makes my heart glad is knowing that each student hears the gospel at school and participates in weekly chapel programs and Bible education curriculum.  Those lessons have eternal value.

Thank you for helping us provide benefits that have value now and forever.

Kurt Bishop, President

Sponsorship changes lives, here & there


A note from one of our child sponsors.

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A Letter from the President

As a ministry deeply embedded in Haiti, we are naturally affected by the culture.  Every culture has its problems.  

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School Lunches 4 Haiti


It is time to kick off the School Lunches 4 Haiti program for 2014! Get your church Vacation Bible School or Sunday School involved today.  Everything you need for the program is on the webpage.

A Note from the President – March 2014

This March we held our semi-annual Board meeting.  I continue to be impressed by the men and women who give leadership to this ministry and their desire to see things continue to move forward. 

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Impact from the Field

Over the past four years I have spent 14 weeks in Haiti with Mission Possible teams. Each year I am amazed by the work that is accomplished. Just like the five loaves and two fish that Jesus multiplied and fed the 5,000 (Luke 3:9), He multiplies our efforts, energy, skills, money, and time…

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A Note from the President – February 2014

Be encouraged by this report from Tracy Rath, Mission Possible staff member:

At Mission Possible we want to “Equip the Next Generation of Christ
Centered Leaders.” Our schools in Haiti are some of the best in the area,
but we want to strive for excellence and make them even better.

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2013 DR Sports Camp

A great article was recently written about a recent trip to the Dominican Republic last summer.
Check it out – OHSAA 2013 DR Sports Camp Article.

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