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Since joining the Mission Possible staff, I have had the opportunity to travel to Haiti twice, and the Dominican Republic once. I was especially excited after my most recent trip to Haiti.

In September, we had a group of 28 Haitians graduate from our “Leadership Academy”, a 2-year long program designed to train our leaders spiritually, physically, and intellectually. We have now begun doing “Good Choices Leadership Days” with the students at our schools. I was able to witness some of our Leadership Academy graduates lead our students in this program. It was so neat to see these leaders getting sweaty and dirty with the students, and leading by example. They didn’t just give out orders and instructions. They jumped right in and cheered the kids on during their relay races, were on their hands and knees teaching them how to do push-ups, patiently demonstrated how to do jumping-jacks (which, admittedly, was hilarious to watch) and showed them what it meant to have good sportsmanship.

I think that seeing these leaders rise up into the position that God has called them into, and seeing the trickle-down-effect that it has on our students, paints a great picture of why our “Hand Up”, not “Hand Out”, philosophy is so important. When I first got involved with Mission Possible a few years ago, I didn’t totally understand that philosophy. Now I see the benefit of teaching and equipping the people, as opposed to just handing out quick-fix type “help”.

Rene Inniger

ESPWA – Hope

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Each year, our Mission Possible students put on their nicest clothing and come to school for a Christmas celebration. They are given gifts and are told the story of Jesus’ birth!  We are doing something a little bit different to raise money for these gifts this year! If you give a gift of $30 or more towards our Christmas program, you will receive an “espwa” (“hope” in Haitian Creole) bracelet to keep for yourself or give to someone else!

Please consider partnering with us and give these students the wonderful Christmas that they deserve!

Christmas Fund

Printable Christmas Giving Form

Deyemon Announcement

Announcement: Mission Possible has entered into an agreement with Torch Worship Center to transition the Deyemon property, school, and church to their ownership and management as of January 1, 2016.

We have expanded to Deyemon.

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A letter from our President Oct. ’15

School has started in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  This year we are focusing on improving the educational experience of our students: 

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A letter from our President – Leadership Academy Graduation

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We finished the Leadership Academy training and graduated 28 of our leaders.

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Teachers and VBS in July

Teachers and VBS

A combined team of educators and students brought seminars to our area teachers and VBS to our school communities.
Follow this link to read their team blog.

MP Teams Blog

Student Groups Return from Haiti

Bluffton and SC Team - web

Student teams from Bluffton University and Presbyterian College returned from Haiti at the end of May.
Follow this link to read their team blog.

MP Teams Blog

Leadership Training Dec. ’14

Every time we communicate with you we try to reinforce our belief that leadership training is the best way to make a lasting impact in Haiti. Well-intentioned handouts provide temporary relief, but also create other regrettable issues. When the men and women of Haiti resolve to fix the country’s problems, we will see real change. Mission Possible is training and equipping those leaders through our primary and secondary schools, Teacher College, Nursing School, Leadership Academy, and Bible School.

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Sponsorship changes lives, here & there


A note from one of our child sponsors.

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