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A letter from the President Jan. ’15

Could it really be the year 2015 already? If you are like me, it takes you a few months to get used to writing “2015” instead of “2014”. It’s a change.

One of Mission Possible’s changes is our new Haiti School Board which we created in 2014 to give oversight to our eight schools in Haiti. The Board is made up of our pastors and a few trustworthy people in our educational structure.

Each January gives us an opportunity to make new year resolutions such as getting back in shape, eating healthier, or saving some money. It’s a chance to start over and do things better than before. We are excited about 2015 because we believe recent changes at Mission Possible will transform our leaders and the way they approach leadership, ministry, and accountability. Please pray with us for God to make that happen.

Yours and His,
Kurt Bishop

Leadership Training and Matching Challenge

Every time we communicate with you we try to reinforce our belief that leadership training is the best way to make a lasting impact in Haiti. Well-intentioned handouts provide temporary relief, but also create other regrettable issues. When the men and women of Haiti resolve to fix the country’s problems, we will see real change. Mission Possible is training and equipping those leaders through our primary and secondary schools, Teacher College, Nursing School, Leadership Academy, and Bible School.

This year we have raised expectations for our Mission Possible leaders in Haiti. We have also tightened our standards at our schools in the areas of attendance, class size, cleanliness, academics, and discipline. We have asked the parents to reinforce the higher standards. Not all the students and parents are “on board” with these changes and because of that, our enrollment will be down a little this year (final enrollment numbers are being finalized). However, we are already seeing a positive impact on the learning environment at our schools.

To keep up the positive momentum, we humbly request your contribution for our schools.

Want to leverage your efforts? A group of committed donors has just offered a $16,500 matching challenge to DOUBLE your contribution received through January 31, 2015. We know some will want to contribute yet in 2014, while others prefer a 2015 contribution. Either way, now is the time to give to take advantage of the match offer.

Matching Challenge

Yours and His,
Kurt Bishop, President

Run4Haiti 2014 – Results Posted

Results for the 2014 Run4Haiti are ready.

Overall Results

Age Group Results

A letter from the President Oct. ’14

The following excerpt comes from words from Amy Schafer, short-term
medical team member:

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A Letter from our President Sept. ’14

Many people have given funds and even traveled on a mission trip to help construct “Ebenezer II”, Mission Possible’s Haitian Creole language church in Barahona, Dominican Republic.  To see construction pictures and read more…

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A Letter from our President Aug. ’14

The following report comes from Pam Macke who led several medical teams to Haiti.

“We met Elson at Mission Possible’s Degeance school in February.  He had fallen out of a tree and broken his leg three months before.”

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A Letter from the President – July ’14

You may be aware that teacher training is somewhat rare in Haiti.  To legally teach in elementary school (up to 6th grade), a teacher does not need to have graduated from high school.  A high school teacher needs only a high school diploma (but no teacher training).  Although many teachers have some formal teacher training beyond high school, it would be rare to encounter a teacher that has a 4-year college degree.  

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A Letter from the President – June ’14

This month, our 3,000 students in Haiti and the Dominican Republic will complete another school year.  Most will pass along to the next grade.  Unfortunately, many will not pass.

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Sponsorship changes lives, here & there


A note from one of our child sponsors.

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