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A letter from the President Oct. ’14

The following excerpt comes from words from Amy Schafer, short-term
medical team member:

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the
world’s deep hunger meet.” — Frederick Buechner

2007 . . . God was calling me to Haiti.  This was pre-earthquake and I had
never heard of Haiti.  With a little research I recognized the great
physical and spiritual need.  A medical missions team was going to provide
basic medical care to students and community members.  I am a nurse, and
what better way to use my skills, right?  I signed up.

I had no idea what to expect and I couldn’t control any of it while I was
there.  I was heading into a country that has the highest poverty level in
the Western Hemisphere.  My safety could not be guaranteed.  I had to fall
completely into the arms of my sovereign God.  So I did.  God used that
trip to begin in me a biblical view of the world instead of an American
view of the Bible.  Scriptures that I had memorized became so much more
clear.  God’s presence was providing this deep gladness that I have only
experienced when I am in the middle of His will.  God grabbed hold of my
heart and placed a constant tug toward serving this great need.  My
service in Haiti didn’t end in 2007.

2014 marks my fourth short term missions trip with Mission Possible and
there is where my “deep gladness” is found.
-Amy Schafer

I hope this story inspires you.

– Kurt Bishop, President

A Letter from our President Sept. ’14

Many people have given funds and even traveled on a mission trip to help construct “Ebenezer II”, Mission Possible’s Haitian Creole language church in Barahona, Dominican Republic.  You may recall that much of the construction costs have been provided by Haitian church members.  We are proud they have taken it upon themselves to have “skin in the game”.  There is some North American support, but much of the funding and most of the work has been Haitian / Dominican through this cooperative partnership.

These pictures will give you an idea of the progress on the Ebenezer II Creole church.

Thanks for your support of this ministry.

Kurt Bishop, President

Creole Church June3 (1) Creole Church June3 (2) Creole Church June3 (4)

A Letter from our President Aug. ’14

The following report comes from Pam Macke who led several medical teams to Haiti.

“We met Elson at Mission Possible’s Degeance school in February.  He had fallen out of a tree and broken his leg three months before.”

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A Letter from the President – July ’14

You may be aware that teacher training is somewhat rare in Haiti.  To legally teach in elementary school (up to 6th grade), a teacher does not need to have graduated from high school.  A high school teacher needs only a high school diploma (but no teacher training).  Although many teachers have some formal teacher training beyond high school, it would be rare to encounter a teacher that has a 4-year college degree.  

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A Letter from the President – June ’14

This month, our 3,000 students in Haiti and the Dominican Republic will complete another school year.  Most will pass along to the next grade.  Unfortunately, many will not pass.

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Sponsorship changes lives, here & there


A note from one of our child sponsors.

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A Letter from the President

As a ministry deeply embedded in Haiti, we are naturally affected by the culture.  Every culture has its problems.  

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School Lunches 4 Haiti


It is time to kick off the School Lunches 4 Haiti program for 2014! Get your church Vacation Bible School or Sunday School involved today.  Everything you need for the program is on the webpage.

Impact from the Field

Over the past four years I have spent 14 weeks in Haiti with Mission Possible teams. Each year I am amazed by the work that is accomplished. Just like the five loaves and two fish that Jesus multiplied and fed the 5,000 (Luke 3:9), He multiplies our efforts, energy, skills, money, and time…

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